Industrial service

  • Manufacture based on drawings,
    sketches or sample parts
  • In keeping with ISO EN DIN 9001:2008
  • Plastic or metal
Vehicle parts

Agricultural vehicle parts

  • Wearing parts for agricultural machines
  • Hydraulic top links
  • Trailer accessories
  • Accessories for wire cables …
Vehicle safety

Vehicle safety

  • Warning markings
  • Lighting installations
  • Accessories for agricultural
    machines and commercial vehicles
Standard parts

Standard parts

  • DIN and standard parts
  • Assortment boxes
  • Combined assortments
  • Screws, springs, retaining rings …
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As of 6/2024


WGF-Series 1000/2000 with
integrated 12/24 Volt ballast

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New regulations for France

Since March 2007, DIN 11030 warning panels fitted to machinery and equipment moving in road traffic in France need to have a TPESC-licence number (homologation certificate).

WGF-warning panels produced to DIN 11030 (panels in all dimensions equipped with type 1 signal foil) dispose of the required homologation for France and are marked TPESC 07080.

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Rear view cameras obligatory for forwarders in future!

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3M™ Authorized Trader

Road Safety Products
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Tow bar magnum reflex 3000

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