Agricultural vehicle parts

We offer you a wide range of products:

  • Wearing parts for agricultural machines
  • Trailer accessories
  • Hydraulic top links
  • As well as accessories for vehicles in the area of agriculture.

If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

New additions to our range

Heavy duty top link “Black-Line”

  • Resistance to fracture M 30 approx. 24,000 kg;
    M 36 approx. 30,000 kg (static)
  • Reinforced top link head
  • Option for re-lubricating
  • Adjustable stirrup-shaped handle
  • Stirrup-shaped handle fits WGF top link holder (locking device at tractor)
  • Heavy duty top link with catch hook
  • Heavy duty top link with catch hook and eye joint link
  • Heavy duty threaded top link, standard