WGF-Industrial service

We manufacture for you, according to your drawings, sketches or sample parts:
  • Turned parts
  • Welded parts
  • Forged parts
  • Formed parts
  • Panels
  • Lights
  • Injection-moulded parts

of metal or plastic.

Our on-premise material testing laboratory enables us to examine all materials for optimal quality and resistance and to supply you with the best possible product.

WGF Industrial Service exclusively supply products, which, due their prescribed characteristics, warrant a decisive contribution towards the success with respect to workability as well as safety of equipment and machinery built by our customers.

WGF process for you:

• free cutting steels
• c-steels
• hardened tool steels
• wear resisting steels
• spring steels
• fine-grained constructional steels
• chrome nickel steels
• nickel-based materials
• titanium
• aluminium
• brass
• plastic materials
• bronze materials
• special materials (on request)

WGF manufacture for you:

• according to drawings
• according to sketches
• according to sample parts

WGF test for you:

• according to ISO EN DIN 9001:2008

WGF analyse for you:

• Materials on Fe-basis
• Materials on Ni-basis
• Materials on Al-basis
• Materials on Co-basis
• Materials on Cu-basis
• Materials on Ti-basis
• Materials on Zn-basis