Reflective Sheeting

For side markings on agricultural or forestry vehicle combinations, as required by ECE 104, we offer you type 3 micro-prismatic reflective sheeting.

Combinations and/or tractors of agricultural or forestry vehicles with long implements are characterised by different lengths and comparatively low speeds, thus placing particular demands on road safety.

Particularly critical hazard situations are created, when such vehicle combinations with lengths of up to 16 m cross or enter roads.

Starting from a standing position, it takes such a vehicle combination approx. 15 seconds to cross a road of 12 m width. At a junction with an obstructed view, it takes even longer.

A passenger car driving at approx. 100 km/h has to be able to see this vehicle from a distance of 450 m already, in order to avoid a collision. This represents quite a dangerous situation during the day, already. But what about the situation at night?

This situation can be remedied by the use of yellow side markings in 3M™ Scotchlite™ Diamond Grade 983-71, which has to be applied to the entire vehicle combination, including the tractor.

Dictated by good sense:
Yellow side Markings according to Section 51a of the Regulations Authorising the Use of Vehicles for Road Traffic (StVZO)