Warning panel

Warning panel in the dimensions 282 x 282 mm, the smallest, currently licensed * panel with design certification. (Form B under TA 18b) [TA = Technical Directive]

(*under Section 22 of the Regulations Authorizing the Use of Vehicles for Road Traffic (STVZO)), with approval number of the KBA Flensburg [KBA = Federal Office for Motor Traffic] K403

The WGF-warning panel and the type 3 warning foil are characterised by a reflecting power which is 5 times higher than that of regular type 1 warning foils, which are only permitted in the dimensions 430 x 430 mm. Only our substantially higher reflection values permit these small dimensions of:

282 x 282 mm

No danger of breaking!

Due to the fact that we do not use rigid plastics (cat's eyes), we can completely exclude any danger of breakage during operation, which may be caused by vibrations, impacts, etc.

Advantages of the small warning panel (overnight parking panel)

  • Longer life
  • No splintering fragments of broken plastic reflectors
  • Lower weight
  • In plastic or metal finish

Select the right panel from the large number of certified WGF-systems:

  • Warning foil 282 x 282 mm
  • Warning panel 282 x 282 mm

suited to provide you with the optimum for your application.