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About type 1 and type 2 sheeting and warning panels

Whilst type 1 reflective sheeting is based on glass balls (this systems is more than 60 years old already), 3M have put their stake on micro-prismatic technology for their new sheeting. Due to the total reflection in a prism, coefficients of reflex luminous intensity can be achieved, which are up to 5 times higher.

Products, Characteristics and Application

For all sheeting categories according to design type DIN 67520, 3M supply reflecting sheeting which has been approved by the Federal Ministry for Transportation.

This includes micro glass ball sheeting as e.g. 3M™ Engineer Grade (type 1) as well as 3M™ Diamond Grade3M™, a micro-prismatic reflective sheeting (type 3).

3M™ Engineer Grade

Type 1 sheeting consists of several layers, some of them with embedded micro glass balls.

Product characteristics
  • Retro-reflection
  • Fulfils DIN 67520, Part 2, Edition 1989
  • Fulfils 6171, Part 1
  • Fulfils DIN 11030

3M™ Diamond Grade


Product characteristics
  • Sheeting with very high retro-reflecting features
  • Saves costs due to long-term functionality
  • Longer life
  • High luminance and improved perceptibility
  • Good wide angle properties
  • Fulfils DIN 67520, Part 4, Edition 1999 as well as ECE 104
  • Fulfils 6171, Part 1
  • Secure transfer of information, even at unfavourable visibility conditions